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Heated Gloves

Heated Gloves

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Keep your hands warm this winter

Our heated gloves will be your ultimate answer to freezing hands. Built with a battery-powered heating system, which is positioned along the back of your hand, these gloves offer an enhanced heating element surface for toasty-warm heat output. Simply turning on the heat by pressing the button, your hands are ready for the winter fun.

Combined with the soft inner lining, heated gloves allow you to ski, shovel snow, walk your puppy or perform any winter activities, without your fingers going numb.

Heating Zones 

Our gloves will keep your hands warm all winter. With heating elements strategically placed guaranteed to keep your hands warm. Our heating elements are located on the back of the hand & on each finger. Even without the gloves turned on they're super warm.



1. Our gloves are designed with touchscreen-sensitive fabric so you can take a selfie, browse Instagram, or do whatever you want without taking your gloves off.

2. Hand-shaped heating elements that cover both sides of your fingers: this design allows for your hands to stay warm while still giving them ease of movement.

3. Custom-made to perfectly fit the inner heated liner, the outer shell is made of 100% durable yet breathable PVC with anti-slip palms. 

4. Our unique design includes an adjustable cuff and an anti-loss leash. We also have strategically placed the battery holder above the wrist so you can enjoy comfortable and free movement.

Please note that our gloves come with a power bank.

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